Author: Tyson Dirksen

Tyson grew up catching frogs, snakes and lizards in the creek that ran in the front of his house; however, in 1986 that creek started to dry up in the 1986-1992 California drought. He and his family became very concerned about the environment and global warming as they saw the effects first hand. After graduating from Brown University, Tyson founded Evolve to try and reduce the use of energy, water, and other raw resources in the built environment utilizing sustainable design and development, building science, and green technologies. Tyson’s extensive knowledge of real estate investment combined with his expertise in high performance building sets him and Evolve apart. Tyson received his bachelor’s degree from Brown University and holds a Masters in Real Estate Development and Finance from MIT. Tyson is a licensed Real Estate Broker, General Contractor, LEED AP certified, Green Point and HERS Rater, Well, and Passive House builder.