Remote Work is Here to Stay But It Will Never Replace the Productivity, Creativity, and Happiness of In-Office Work

We all learned a lot about how to effectively work remotely during the pandemic but one can never replace the productivity, creativity, and happiness found when humans are interacting in person.

Reliance, Resiliency, and the Electrical Grid

What is it and why should we care? Most people do not understand how electricity gets to their homes, businesses, schools, etc. so let’s start with an explanation of “the grid.” The grid refers to the electrical grid, a network of transmission lines, substations, transformers, and more that deliver electricity from the power plant to […]


THE IMPORTANCE OF THE BUILDING ENCLOSURE “Thunderstorms dumped heavy rain and kicked up high winds across central Nevada on Thursday, flooding the streets and casinos of Las Vegas.” Yes, water was leaking out of light fixtures in the ceilings of some of Vegas’ billion dollar casinos. How is that we can drive any new car […]

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