How we build

Evolve uses an iterative and integrated design and development approach to create positive buildings that are not just aesthetically beautiful buildings but also healthy, sustainable, smart, and resilient buildings. Our team is determined to help reverse our global warming crisis by changing the design and development of homes, buildings, and communities at all income levels.

Positive Building

Building science and human health are at the core of Evolve’s approach; our design and construction guidance leads to high-performing, life-enhancing spaces.

Evolve building utilizes an integrative and iterative building science based approach to deliver buildings with unmatched comfort, durability, indoor air quality, and energy efficiency. We reduce building energy consumption for heating and cooling by 90%.

Resilient Buildings

Resilient design allows our buildings to remain viable during catastrophic events and electrical grid outages.Right now, Californians are seeing the need for resiliency as PG&E and other utilities companies have rolling blackouts as they try to reduce starting fires, like PG&E did last year, and lawsuits. The combination of photovoltaics, stationary batteries, electric cars, car chargers, and grey water systems allows our buildings to function even if the electrical grid or water supply goes down. By integrating all of these techniques and technologies into our buildings, they can operate as a microgrid and the buildings can function on their own.

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Passive House

Passive House buildings have much better comfort, energy efficiency, and health through integrated design/development, very air tight and well insulated building enclosures, very efficient windows, and balanced ventilation systems. These buildings use 90% less energy for heating and cooling than traditionally buildings.

HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation)

Heat recovery ventilation promotes healthy indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and prevents uncomfortable cold spots in the home. HRV’s in conjunction with an air-tight building envelope are the baseline which all of evolve’s homes are built on.

Triple Pane Doors / Windows

Triple pane windows have two spacers that separate the panes of glass. The premium spacer is made from a superior quality silicone, resistant to UV light oxidation, and offers great argon gas retention for higher energy efficiency.  &

Triple Pane Skylights

Save energy with superior thermal efficiency and improved noise reduction. Our Skylights are PHI (Passive House International) Certified they have a thermal bridge free frame to optimize the performance construction projects.

Fluid Applied Water Proofing

It’s estimated that up to 50% of the energy consumed by homes is wasted through air infiltration and ex filtration. Fluid applied waterproofing systems help insulation perform to its maximum value, and helps reduce the amount of energy needed for heating and cooling.

Super Tight Building Enclosures Utilizing AeroBarrier

AeroBarrier is a fast and effective way to increase efficiency via sealing air leaks in the building envelope. A very interesting application method that has shown promising results.

Continuous Exterior Insulation

Continuous exterior insulation is a high-performance solution that . Continuous exterior insulation prevents thermal bridging by completely wrapping all six sides of the building- walls, rooof, foundation – substantially increasing the building’s energy efficiency, improving interior comfort and air quality, and reducing exterior noise penetration. Thermacork Insulation &  Rockwool Mineral Wool Insulation

Sub Slab Insulation

Slabs when insulated undergo less air convection. At nearly room temperature, the basement walls act as a heat reservoir, buffering interior temperature fluctuations.

Havelock Wool Insulation

The majority of the population now spends up to 90% of their time indoors whether at home, work or elsewhere, it makes the indoor air quality more important to monitor and protect. Indoor air quality, flammability performance, and heat and moisture management are major benefits of using Havelock Wool to insulate our homes.


Solar panels are very popular and for good reason, they provide low maintenance, clean renewable energy. When combined with our Tesla Stationary Battery they will even allow for you to achieve energy security and possible independence.

Stationary Batteries

A home battery that charges using electricity generated from solar panels, or when utility rates are low, and powers your home in the evening. Automated, compact and beautifully designed, Powerwall offers independence from the utility grid and the security of an emergency backup.

Electric Car Chargers

The ability to charge quickly at home is a huge leap forward for EV drivers. Even if you don’t currently own an EV, you probably will soon and having that convenience is the type of luxury item we offer.

Exterior Blinds

Exterior shading systems save significant energy savings, improve interior comfort, and enhance building aesthetics and privacy. An external roller blind not only ensures a comfortable indoor climate in your home but also prevents annoying reflections or glare. For extra comfort your external roller blinds can be fully automated, so the system always ensures optimum temperature even when you are not home.

Tintable Electrochromic Glass

This is truly the apex of technological home advancements. Energy lost through conventional windows accounts for approximately 30 percent of heating and cooling energy, according to the US Department of Energy. Electrochromic glass is energy-efficient and it removes the need for shading devices that can block your view of the outdoors and are less sustainable.

Schöck Isokorb®

Traditional balcony construction creates an environment that allows valuable heat to escape while also cooling the area near the balcony inviting cold spots into the home and causing the HVAC system to work harder and use more energy. The most effective way to minimize the heat transmittance is to thermally separate the exterior structure from the interior. With the aim of decreasing thermal losses at the connection, Schöck Isokorb® structural thermal breaks optimize the performance of connection.

Smart Home Technology

Beyond the benefits of convenience and security one of the main goals of Smart Home Integration is energy saving and energy efficiency. Working together with the Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) allows for the homeowner to create a network between their smart appliances, thermostats, lighting and other electronic devices.

Grey Water Harvesting

Greywater makes up around 30% to 50% of wastewater discharged into our sewers. Therefore, greywater recycling offers us the chance to cut the water use by up to half. Our system will offer high recovery rates without backwashing, negligible residue and energy efficiency.

Structured Plumbing With A Dedicated Return Line

A concept called Structured Plumbing (a proprietary concept of ACT Inc. Metlund Systems) is a better choice in most applications. This diagram shows a structured plumbing system with a dedicated return line. This system includes an on-demand pump, the controls and the activation mechanisms in each hot water location (except those very close to the water heater). The on-demand pump primes the hot water line with hot water after being activated by the user, on demand, shortly before it is needed. In addition, the supply portion of the circulation loop is located close to each hot water outlet, so that the volume of water that must be cleared out of the pipe at the beginning of the draw is very small. To learn more about it, go to Gary Klien has some great articles on plumbing systems.

LED Lighting

Energy efficient, long lasting, durable, eco-friendly, no UV emissions are just some of the many benefits of using LED lighting. For us it was a clear choice, when building a home of this caliber LED’s are the only option.

Car Stacker

Our multi-storied car stacker is modular and easily stores two or three vehicles below ground level. It is quiet, easy to operate and safe to use. Because we understand that everyone uses different transportation modes we are allotting one spot for motorcycles and bikes as well as a spot to be used for storage of sports equipment, strollers and other large items that are inconvenient to keep in the home.

Formaldehyde Free Cabinets

We examined the impact on the environment around us, sourcing local products and minimizing our carbon footprint. Because our home is so well sealed it was of the utmost importance to not bring in any toxic chemicals or other inferior products. We have made sure to include only the highest quality cabinets and fixtures in terms of both craftsmanship and materials.